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South Florida’s Black Leaders Stand in Solidarity with Superintendent Robert W. Runcie Lacking the relevancy of evidence, leaders call for fairness, transparency, and due process

Miami, Florida (Thursday, April 22, 2021) – A host of Black leaders across the tri-county area are deeply distressed by the allegations of perjury and lack of evidence presented that led to the subsequent arrest of Superintendent Robert W. Runcie.

A Harvard graduate, family man, and leader of the sixth-largest school district in the nation, Superintendent Runcie has always focused on closing achievement gaps and fostering safe and supportive environments for all students. Under his tenure, Superintendent Runcie created the District’s first military academy, expanded partnerships, contributed to successfully improving graduation rates and even paved the way for Broward Schools to become the first in the nation to receive the “Cambridge District of the Year” coveted distinction.

Given Superintendent Runcie’s proven track record, accomplishments and upstanding character, a cross-section of leaders throughout South Florida join together to not only support him, but believe he ought to be treated in a more respectable and dignified manner.

Without the evidence being presented to reveal the extent of what transpired, leaders believe such scrutiny is unjustified, politically motivated, does not benefit the 261,000 students the District serves, and could interfere with its overall operations.

In waiting for the judicial process and swift investigation to take their course, we all will be monitoring this very closely. Along each step of the process, we expect and demand fairness, transparency, and justice. Furthermore, if Superintendent Runcie is exonerated, we support full reinstatement and his name cleared of the alleged wrongdoing

All residents of Broward County and beyond are urged to join us in monitoring this situation to not only make sure it is a fair process, but to ensure that the proceedings don’t revert to a darker time in Florida’s history. Here are some ways you can help us monitor the situation and stand with Superintendent Runcie:

Watch the Broward Schools Board meeting on Tuesday, April 27, 2021, at 10:00 A.M. via this link: https://www.browardschools.com/Page/55263

Read the full indictment here: https://images.miaminewtimes.com/media/pdf/robert_runcie_indictment.pdf
This statement is fully supported by the following local leaders throughout South Florida, civic associations, business groups, and many others:

Marsha Ellison
Daniella Pierre
Dwight Bullard
William R. Perry III
G. Eric Knowles
Brian C. Johnson
Stephen Hunter Johnson, Esq.
Dr. Graylyn Swilley Woods
“Cornell Crews, Jr.
Pete Peterson”
“Anthony Blackman
Marlon Hill”
“Ronald E. Frazier
Marlen Bastien”
“Dr. Tameka Hobbs
Dewey Knight III”
“Dr. Delvena Thomas
Gepsie Metellus”
“Carole Ann Taylor
Robert L. Tyler”
“Tony C. Lesesne
Suzan McDowell”
“Barron Channer
Ann Marie Sorrell
Newton B. Sanon